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A small guide to the use of aluminum foil sealing machine

2021-03-01 14:54:47

In the sealing process of some filled beverages, the aluminum foil sealing machine is often used. The sealing method of this equipment uses a local heating method to achieve the effect of the sealing, and the use of the aluminum foil sealing machine is simple and convenient, and the sealing is hygienic Clean, let me introduce to you how to use the aluminum foil sealing machine.


1. First press the switch, turn on the indicator light of the power supply, select the appropriate speed control knob angle, and operate the transmission part at the same time.


2. Next, turn on the printing jog dial, and let the printing wheel start to rotate. Then adjust to a proper pressure, and tighten the screws later.

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3. Then turn on the plastic heat sealing machine of the equipment, the green light on the heat sealing machine represents the electronic temperature controller of the equipment. We need to select the appropriate temperature controller according to the packaging bag and thickness of the packaging material. In order to achieve the required temperature, the heating block needs to have a preheating process.

4. Again, according to the thickness of the packaging material and the plastic packaging bag, determine whether to open the fan of the device for heat dissipation.


5. When packing the clamp-shaped equipment, we must remember to adjust the material to be flat. When the sealing machine starts to automatically seal, the sealing tape of the clamp-shaped equipment bites.


6. When it is found that the sealing tape and the heating block are adhering to dirt, they should stop and clean. When the temperature of the equipment is too high, do not touch it directly with your hands.


7. To increase the service life of the equipment, when the sealing tape is about to be closed, remember to reset the temperature control knob to zero, and also turn on the fan and temperature pointer. After the temperature of the temperature indicator drops to 0, the fan and main power switch of the device can be turned off.

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