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Understand these four points, no need to worry about choosing a vacuum sealing machine

2021-03-01 15:09:29

At present, users purchase products basically through the Internet to check and purchase. There are various platforms for selling products, and the types of products are also different. Take the vacuum sealing machine as an example. Its styles are large and small, and the price of each platform is also very different. So how can we choose the vacuum sealing machine we like in such an environment?

First: size

There are three types of vacuum sealing machines commonly used in the market. One is a large vacuum machine that must be placed on the floor, and the other is a large vacuum machine that can be placed on the desktop. For our daily household needs, we can choose a small and medium-sized desktop vacuum machine. There is also a small vacuum machine that is smaller than this. It is available for people who have less demand for vacuum plastic packaging. The price-performance ratio of the type will be very high.

 Vacuum Sealer Machine

Second: performance

First of all, we can look at the food pumping function of the device. When we understand a product, we can first see whether it supports vacuum sealing of both dry and wet food modes. Some cheaper vacuum sealers only support dry food. For example, dry food, cat and dog food types and other foods and seals, the requirements for plastic packaging of food are not high. But if you want to encapsulate oily and watery foods such as fish and duck necks, you must pay attention to whether there is a dry and wet mode. We can also check whether the food has an external pumping function, that is, whether it can support vacuuming tanks, clothing bags, etc. in addition to vacuum bags.


Third: speed

Speed can determine the efficiency of our vacuum packaging. If we need to plasticize a lot of food, the efficiency is very low and it will feel very uncomfortable. The speed here can be viewed from two aspects. The first is whether the machine supports multi-pack work, such as the vacuum sealing machine for fresh food, and it can be put into four small-pack vacuum-sealed bags for vacuum sealing at the same time, so that we don't need to do it one by one in batches, which is very efficient; another The aspect is the speed of vacuuming. We can pay attention to the vacuum force (kpa) of the machine. Generally speaking, the stronger the vacuum pressure, the faster the vacuuming speed and the more vigorously pumping cleaner.


Fourth: Effect

Sealing strips that are too thin will make food leaks more likely to occur. Not all machines can be well vacuumed. We must choose a machine that can better ensure the vacuum sealing effect.


Different types of vacuum sealing machines are required for packaging different products, so when we choose equipment, we must purchase them according to the packaged products, otherwise the effort will be wasted.

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