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What problems will the vacuum packaging machine encounter when entering and unwinding the belt, and how to solve it?

2021-03-01 15:36:29

When you use the vacuum packaging machine, you may encounter the problem of tape in and tape out. Below, Shenzhen Zhengyuan Electronic Commerce Company will introduce to you.


1. Reasons and solutions for incorrect return:


1. The contact time of the limit switch LS-2 is incorrect. Adjust the sensing time of the contact.


2. The transmission belt of the motor M2 is damaged or the fixing screw of the belt pulley is loosened. Remove and replace the transmission belt or fix the screw of the belt pulley.

2. Reasons and solutions for the non-stop belt advancement


1. The tongue of the belt or the bow frame is not calibrated, adjust the spring force or disassemble the yellow.


2. T2 lead-in time is too long, adjust the T2 lead-in time.


The above is about the faults and solutions of the vacuum packaging machine in and out of the belt, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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