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What are the structure and characteristics of the seven-layer co-extruded film?

2021-03-01 15:58:53

Seven-layer co-extrusion film structure and characteristics

Basic structure of seven-layer co-extrusion film

The basic structure of the seven-layer co-extrusion film is: PA/TIE/PE/TIE/PA/EVOH/PA/TIE/PE

The seven-layer co-extrusion film is used for the packaging of various cooked meats, coffee, tea, flavors, spices, food additives, cosmetics and other products with a long shelf life. It can also be used in the packaging of petroleum, chemical, pesticide, highly toxic, acid, alkali, salt and other products with strong permeability and corrosiveness.

Seven-layer co-extrusion film-inflatable, fresh-keeping packaging film

The basic structure is: PE/TIE/PA/TIE/PA/TIE/PE

It is used in the field of inflatable packaging such as modified atmosphere packaging of food and balloon film.

Vacuum Sealer Bags

Seven-layer co-extrusion film-fresh meat cling film

The basic structure is: PE/TIE/PA/EVOH/PA/TIE/EVA

1.It is used for cold storage of fresh meat of pig, beef and mutton. It is required to be immersed in 80℃ water for 1-3 seconds to fit the skin (or fit in the hot drying tunnel). It has excellent barrier properties and can be stored at a low temperature below -25℃. Product packaging.High barrier: The barrier properties of different plastic materials are very different, and the co-extruded film can achieve high barrier effects on oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, and odor.

2. Strong function: oil resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature cooking at 120 degrees Celsius, low temperature freezing resistance, quality, freshness, and odor preservation, and can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, and inflatable packaging.

3. Low cost: Compared with glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging, co-extruded film has a greater cost advantage to achieve the same barrier effect. Due to the simple process, the cost of the produced film products can be reduced by 10-20% compared with dry composite films and other composite films.

4. Flexible structural design: Different structural designs can be used to meet your different quality assurance requirements.

5. High strength: The co-extruded film has the characteristics of stretching during the processing. After the plastic is stretched, the strength can be increased accordingly. Plastic materials such as nylon and metallocene polyethylene can also be added in the middle to make it more than ordinary plastic packaging. Composite strength, no delamination and peeling phenomenon, good flexibility, and excellent heat sealing performance.

6. Small capacity ratio: The co-extruded film can be vacuum-shrinked packaging, and the volume-to-volume ratio is close to 100%, which is unmatched by glass, tin cans, and paper packaging.

7. No pollution: no residual solvent pollution problem, green and environmental protection.

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