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How much do you know about food vacuum preservation bags? Small knowledge of vacuum preservation

2021-03-01 16:02:25

How many days can vacuum-packaged food be stored? Shenzhen Zhengyuan e-commerce company tells everyone:

Generally, it can be stored for 1-3 months. Different types of food, or different pre-treatment processes, have different storage times at room temperature after vacuum packaging.

Vacuum Sealer Bags

The main function of vacuum fresh-keeping bag packaging, in addition to the oxygen-removing and quality-preserving function of vacuum packaging, mainly has the functions of pressure resistance, gas barrier, and preservation, which can more effectively maintain the original color, aroma, taste and shape of food for a long time. And nutritional value.

Is the grain fresh-keeping bag resistant to high temperature?

The high temperature resistance of the fresh-keeping bag is generally 120 degrees Celsius. When heating the food in the microwave, the fresh-keeping bag is generally used in order to maintain moisture. This shows that water-containing food is no problem. This is because the water will limit the food to below 100 degrees. . The general frying temperature of fried food does not exceed 140 degrees, otherwise some foods will lose nutrients, destroy the taste, produce scorching and other unfavorable factors. At the same time, the oil will also generate toxins due to oxidation due to the high temperature (not more about oils here) The high temperature is harmful). Therefore, it is safer to cool the fried food a little bit after it comes out, and then bag it.

Can a vacuum packaging machine extend the preservation time of food? ?

Under the conditions of the same temperature environment, etc., the fresh-keeping period is greatly prolonged by vacuuming and sealing to isolate the air than without vacuuming. Dry food can be stored for one year. Dapai vacuum preservation machine has been devoted to the design, research and development, production and sales of food, fruit and vegetable preservation equipment, and provides system preservation engineering solutions, and has accumulated a wealth of practical experience and design in food, fruit and vegetable preservation and processing.

Generally, how long can a good food vacuum packaging machine be used?

If it is normal operation and maintenance, for example, the Dapai vacuum fresh-keeping machine uses imported accessories and a rigorous production process. It can be used for more than 5 years. During this period, the equipment will definitely be repaired, because the electrical appliances will age and the performance of the vacuum pump will be attenuated. Don't listen to the manufacturer's promises to you, unless you don't use it, just leave it there. Don’t worry about occasional minor faults in the equipment. The key is whether the manufacturer will provide you with service.

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