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How does the vacuum machine work? Why can a vacuum be formed?

2021-03-01 16:15:35

Put the food into the packaging bag, and then use a vacuum machine to extract the air inside to form a vacuum to preserve the freshness of the food. This freshness preservation mode is becoming more and more common in modern times. However, when everyone uses this fresh-keeping mode, they can't help but want to know how the vacuum machine works, and why can a vacuum be formed?

As we all know, the main method of vacuum packaging is to extract oxygen and various gases from the bag to form a vacuum, but it is used to preserve food. This can prevent food from spoiling, and at the same time can extend the shelf life and freshness of the food. Its working principle is also very simple. Food decay is mostly caused by the contact between food and oxygen in the air. The more microorganisms in the air, the faster the food decays. Most microorganisms survive because of more oxygen. The vacuum machine works by using this principle. It extracts the oxygen in the packaging bag, so that the microorganisms lose their living environment.

Vacuum Sealer Machine

Experiments have proved that when the oxygen concentration in the packaging bag is less than one percent, the growth and reproduction ability of microorganisms will be greatly reduced, and when the oxygen concentration is less than 0.5 percent, the microorganisms hardly reproduce. This gives the food a chance to keep fresh. However, it is worth noting that the vacuum machine packaging extracts oxygen and cannot kill the microorganisms that rely on oxygen to survive. Therefore, once the packaging is breathable, the microorganisms in the food will multiply rapidly, leading to the deterioration of the food.

In addition to inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, preventing oxidation is also a major feature of vacuum packaging. Especially oily foods contain unsaturated fatty acids, which will make the food sour and spoiled after oxidation. In addition, oxidation can also cause changes in vitamins and unstable factors in food, which can lead to discoloration and taste. The vacuum machine can ensure the color, fragrance and nutritional value of food, so it is very popular with the public.

In addition, the food after vacuum packaging has good effects in terms of pressure resistance, shatter resistance, and gas barrier preservation. According to surveys, vacuum-packaged food can be stored longer than unpackaged food and taste better than food in the refrigerator. In addition, not all foods are suitable for vacuum packaging. For some fragile foods, it is best to eat them as soon as possible. Vacuum packaging will also cause them to be crushed.

All, if you have a food vacuum machine in your home, you don’t have to worry about food spoilage, especially in summer. Uneaten fruits, vegetables, and meaty food are stored in a vacuum package, and you can eat them at any time, which is safe and convenient.

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