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Vacuum bag and preservation bag, which kind of preservation is good?

2021-03-01 16:56:56

Which of the fresh-keeping bag or vacuum bag has the best fresh-keeping effect? Today, the editor of Shenzhen Zhengyuan e-commerce company will have a chat with you.

Vacuum bag:

Foods packaged in vacuum bags have a long shelf life, which can extend the quality of food to a large extent. Vacuum-packaged foods are very common.

For example, various cooked food products such as: chicken legs, ham, chicken feet, duck feet, chicken necks, duck necks, dried fish and sausages.

Vacuum Sealer Bags

Pickled products, such as various pickles, soy products, preserved fruits, and other foods that need to be kept fresh, are increasingly being vacuum-packaged.

Vacuum packaging bags can effectively isolate the air outside the food, as well as the moisture around the product, including bacteria, and prevent bacterial regeneration, which greatly extends the validity period of the food, and can provide a good storage for the shelf life and sales of the food. space.

The ordinary use of food preservation bags can extend the shelf life of food for a period of time, but there is already air in the bag, and the preservation time of food will not be too long.

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