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Lotus root vacuum packaging bag preservation process and operation precautions

2021-03-01 16:59:38

Lotus root is the leading product of aquatic vegetables in my country. It is planted in a wide range, especially in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The planting area is large and the yield is high. Lotus root preservation is a very good method. The vacuum preservation technology of lotus root includes two processes: vacuum packaging and low-temperature storage.

Operation process of lotus root vacuum packaging bag preservation technology:

Excavation of lotus root → color selection of lotus roots → flushing sludge → washing lotus roots with clean water → soaking with clean water → selecting lotus roots → removing secondary lotus roots → cutting knots and washing with running water → lotus root grading → removing lotus root patches → sterile water cooling treatment → draining → Color protection and freshness→draining→vacuum packaging→cold storage→inspection→packing→out of storage→refrigerated transportation→supermarket sales.

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Precautions for the preservation of lotus root vacuum packaging bags:

①Do not damage the lotus root body during excavation. When taking lotus root from the mud, pay attention to keep the back-tipped lotus root joints to prevent sewage from entering the lotus root holes.

②Before cleaning the lotus root, firstly rinse it with long-distance spray water with a water gun, and rinse the sludge in the lotus root joints. Then wash gently with a towel or soft brush. Don't hurt the skin of the lotus root.

③It is better to use 13 silk PA compound material to make lotus root vacuum packaging vacuum bag.

④The film bag mouth after packaging must not have fold marks. Otherwise, the vacuum bag will not be fully evacuated. After 3 to 5 days, the vacuum bag will become loose due to inhalation of air, and the effect of vacuum preservation will not be achieved.

⑤ Cold storage storage Put the packed lotus roots into plastic baskets, put them in order, and then enter the cold storage for storage. The temperature of the warehouse is controlled at 3~5℃, and it can be stored for 30~60 days. For long-distance transportation or export, refrigerated transport vehicles must be used, and the temperature in the garage should be kept at about 5°C.

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