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Introduction to the fresh-keeping bag that is not afraid of heat

2021-03-01 17:05:37

Now that thousands of families have refrigerators, they all need to use the product, the fresh-keeping bag, so the editor of Shenzhen Zhengyuan e-commerce company today introduces a fresh-keeping bag that is not afraid of heat.

1. The material of this fresh-keeping bag is PVDC fresh-keeping bag, which is a copolymer of polyvinylidene chloride and vinyl chloride. Its biggest feature is oil resistance, heat resistance, and no harmful substances will be released in the case of oil stains. , So the sausages and cooked meats in the supermarket are packaged with PVDC plastic wrap. This kind of cling film is also suitable for packaging foods to be heated in microwave ovens, which can ensure food safety.


2. At present, the safest fresh-keeping bag is the "PO fresh-keeping bag", which is formed by three-layer co-extrusion and heat shrinkage of polyethylene and PP film. It has various advantages of polyethylene and PP film: good cold resistance, It will not harden or become brittle at low temperature; the wrapped food will not deform for a long time, and the packaging is more natural. This kind of fresh-keeping bag has a high heat-resistant temperature and can be used for microwave heating. Although PO film is currently mainly used in shrink packaging, its excellent performance can ensure the safety of heating food in a microwave oven, so it is an ideal cling film. However, because it is a three-layer co-extrusion, it is costly and expensive, and it is currently difficult to promote and use in our country.

3. The aluminum-paper-plastic composite film for packaging liquid food is also in close contact with food. This composite film is made by extruding aluminum foil, plastic and paper. Aluminum foil can prevent heat radiation well, and can also achieve anti-corrosion effect. The paper and plastic on the outer layer can block the inflow of heat insulation. Therefore, after sterilization, milk, soy milk, etc., are packed in a flexible package made of this composite film Can be stored for 30-45 days without deterioration.

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