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How to correctly select vacuumed food preservation bags

2021-03-01 17:42:40

Which material is the best for food preservation bags:

  A single material is difficult to meet the needs of many aspects of food preservation, and a preservation bag composed of multiple materials can better meet the demand for preservation. Generally, fresh-keeping bags made of PE/PA are the most cost-effective, with excellent barrier properties, heat resistance and physical strength. For example, the Changzhou Dingbang vacuum fresh-keeping bag brand adopts PE/PA material, which has good properties and guarantees fresh-keeping quality.

Production process of fresh-keeping bag:

  In the production process, the original film has two types: composite and multi-layer co-extrusion. The composite film uses glue solvent to glue two or more different materials of plastic film together to achieve the required performance. However, the composite film contains chemical adhesives, and the chemical solvent leaks during use and is unhygienic;

Vacuum Sealer Bags

  At present, Changzhou Dingbang vacuum preservation bag, a brand with a high market share, uses an advanced multi-layer co-extrusion process to produce a film that melts and extrudes a variety of raw materials into a film at one time, which reduces the adhesive process and does not contain chemical solvents. Ensure the safety and sanitation of the original film. Co-extruded film preservation bags are more suitable for food preservation.

Use the preservation bag correctly:

1. There are many foods that are not suitable for ordinary packaging, but must be vacuum-packed. Such as fresh meat, cooked food, perishable vegetables and fruits, etc.

2. Refrigeration after packaging food in a vacuum preservation bag can better improve the preservation effect and storage time.

3. The vacuum fresh-keeping bag is a co-extruded film fresh-keeping bag, which can be safely heated in a microwave oven

4. If the vacuum bag packaging is damaged, leaking, etc., the preservation effect will be lost.

5. At too high or very low temperature, the preservation effect of the fresh-keeping bag will be reduced.

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