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The necessity of vegetable vacuum packaging machine packaging

2021-03-01 17:49:13

Necessity analysis of vegetable vacuum packaging machine packaging:

After the vegetables are harvested, the water supply from the root system is interrupted, and respiration becomes the main feature of their life activities.

The strength of respiration generally reflects the degree of physiological changes in vegetables. The use of a suitable vacuum packaging machine for packaging can inhibit respiration, water evaporation and nutrient consumption, reduce mechanical damage, maintain the original quality of vegetables, and increase their commodity value. The specific manifestations are as follows.

Vacuum Sealer Machine

 1. Maintain a more suitable storage temperature for vegetables. Any vegetable has its own suitable storage temperature. Under suitable storage temperature conditions, respiration is reduced, nutrient consumption is less, and water evaporation is less, which can better maintain freshness.

If the temperature is too high, the breathing will increase, the heat released by breathing will increase, the consumption of nutrients will increase, the evaporation of water will increase, and the freshness will decrease rapidly.

The temperature is too low, for some vegetables, it is prone to chilling or freezing damage, causing some physiological and biochemical changes in the vegetables, reducing their quality and increasing decay. The annual production of vegetables in the solar greenhouse has different harvesting times. It is necessary to select suitable packaging materials for vacuum packaging machines according to the difference of the outside temperature.

Packing in a vacuum packaging machine should be carried out reasonably to avoid heat and cold of vegetables, and other temperature preservation or cooling measures can be used when necessary.

Cucumbers for winter and spring in the Kouguang greenhouse are sown in early and mid-October, and harvested in mid-December, until the seedlings are pulled in June. During this period, they will pass through the cold winter and the temperature is often lower than 0℃. The suitable temperature is 10-130;. When transported without vacuum packaging machine, cucumbers are easy to be frozen. Use a corrugated box or foam plastic box vacuum packaging machine to pack, and add some covering on the outside to prevent cucumbers from being affected. freeze.

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