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Vacuum Sealer Bags

Gokilife Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls for Food Saver, 3 Pack 8”x 20’ 10” x 20’ 11” x 20’ Food Sealer Bags, BPA Free Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer Rolls Bag for Sous Vide or Storage

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Ideal For Sous Vide

Gokilife food saver vacuum sealer bags rolls are ideal for Sous Vide Cooking,it is boiled safely in water, which allow you to accurately control cooking temperature to achieve better effect.


Microwave Safe

Vacuum seal bags can be used in microwave reheating, it can bear the high temperature,before you put bag into microwave,please make a few small holes on the bag.


Freezer Safe

Vacuum sealer rolls can withstand low temperature,you don't need to worry that your food get burn,no dehydration, and unsavory odors,food can keep moisture and flavor.


3 Different Size

  • 11      inch x 20 feet (28 cm x 610 cm)

  • 10      inch x 20 feet (25 cm x 610 cm)

  • 8      inch x 20 feet (20 cm x 610 cm)


Easy To Cut Bag Size

You can customize size of vacuum sealer bags rolls based on your own need,it is very flexible and easy,because food have different size,so you can cut roll to the corresponding size bag,reduce waste and save money.


Embossed Side, Maxmize Air Removal

Vacuum sealer roll is combined with embossed side, which have high density dotted pattern and gloss side,it can maximize oxygen removal, realizing air-tight effect,effectively prevent food form spoilage.


Work With Vacuum Sealer

Food saver roll can work with Gokilife vacuum sealer machine, which can keep your favorite food fresh up to 7x longer than ordinary storage,so you can reduce food waste,make you and your families live a healthy life.



Can we choose the size or a specific size?


The Vacuum Sealer Bags have different size:S(20cm*5.5cm),M(25cm*5.5cm),L( 28cm*5.5cm).The size of this bag is perfect for storage of different sizes.
By Lois Dillon on February 22, 2021



Are they recyclable?


These bags can be recycled. They could also be reused in many situations as long as there is enough plastic left to work with after cutting them open, and of course depending on what you put in them.
By barbara caudill on February 22, 2021



Can these bags be put in boiling water to thaw frozen precooked foods such as pulled pork or ribs ?


These bags are as good as the food saver bags. So if you could do it with them then you should have no problem. On a few occasions sometimes the bags don't seal just right and air gets in them.
By Bailey on February 22, 2021



What are these bags made of Material?


BPA Free for freezer food storage, microwave, and sous vide vaccume cooking.Perfect for food storage, freeze dried meal, sous vide, gardening, tea leaves.
By Ben on February 22, 2021

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