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Vacuum Sealer Machine

Gokilife Vacuum Sealer Machine, Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine, Food Sealer for Food Saver with Cutter, Dry & Soft & Moist Food Modes, Led Indicator Light, Vacuum Sealer Bags & Roll & Hose Included


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Gokilife Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

How can vacuum sealer help you?

1.A ideal assistant for sous vide cooking.

2.when cooking,you can use it save ingredients for later.

3.After you drink wine,help to storage leftover wine.

4.after finish vacuum seal food,put them to refrigerator,which can save space.

5.It provide best possible preservation for your favorite food based on food type,lock nutrition,remove oxygen,prevent moist,keep food fresh up to 7X longer,retain fresh and tender flavor.


Gokilife is professional brand that serve for kitchen supplies,our goal is provide more practical and better product to meet different needs of customer!

Package Included:

  • 1      x Vacuum Sealer Machine

  • 1      x Vacuum Sealer Roll(28*300 cm)

  • 5      x Vacuum Sealer Bags(20*30 cm)

  • 1      x Sealing Cotton

  • 1      x Soft Vacuum Hose

  • 1      x User Manual


Fully Automatic Operation

Food vacuum sealer machine is designed with smart control button,you can select food mode(dry,soft,wet) based on food type, press corresponding button to finish seal and vacuum operation.


Vacuum Sealing Multi Bags

Automatic food sealer is equipped with an heat strip that is about 30cm long,which supports sealing multiple vacuum sealer bags at the same time,it can reduce your workload and saves your time.


Strong Power Suction

Food sealer machine is equiped with -60 Kpa suction pump, which provide a strong suction power,so seal time and vacuum seal time is very fast,and vacuum sealer bag can keep a good airtightness for a long time,so your food can keep fresh more longer.


Easy To Clean

Vacuum pack machine is designed with separated design, which provide great convenience to clean appliance,after you use it,you can take off the upper lid of machine to clean the vacuum chamber and seal strip,it is easy and safe.


Dry,Soft and Wet Foods

Vac pack machine have three food modes(Dry,Soft and Wet),you can select corresponding food mode setting based on food type,LED indicator will show which food mode you select.


Meal Prep Made Easy

When you are preparing meal daily basis,you will find this sealer machine will be very good assistant,Marinade ingredients together to create savory ready-to-cook meals,or portion out cooked foods,seal them,then freeze them,help better balance your healthy eating habits,saving your time.


Sous Vide Cooking

Food vacuum sealer can help you pack the food with a Sous Vide before cooking to ensure that your food is cooked evenly,It is perfect for preparing food for party, breakfast, lunch and dinner.




Does it come with a cutter for the roll?


Yes,the vacuum sealer machine with 2 cutter,one is for replacement,it is very convenience.

By Andreal on January 5, 2021


where manufactured?


vacuum sealer machine is manufactured in china.

By lsjxus SELLER  on February 25, 2021


What is the pulse setting? How does it work?


Hello dear friend,

In order to have better vacuuming practicability, you can use this pulse setting button to control the length of the vacuuming time, how long the button is pressed, and how long time with the machine vacuums, and the degree of vacuum can be controlled arbitrarily. There is no signal light for this b… see more

By Gokilife US SELLER  on March 5, 2021


Whats the best bags and rolls to use with the vacuum sealer?


Gokilife bags and rolls,also suit any brand of bags will work as long as they aren’t too wide.

By Aaron Porter on January 5, 2021

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