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Vacuum Sealer Machine

Vacuum Sealer Machine, Gokilife Food Sealer for Food Savers with Vacuum Air Sealing System, Dry, Moist, Soft 3 Modes Built-in Cutter for Hands-Free Design with Vacuum Sealer Bags(Silver)

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Gokilife Vacuum Sealer Machine!Easy & Fast & Safe Way to Enjoy Your Life!Food Saving, Space Saving, Time Saving, Money Saving!



Dry & Soft & Wet 3 Selectable Modes

Useful and Practical Dry/Moist/Soft 3 food settings for optimal sealing.Choose the dry setting for solid food and the moist setting for poached, simmered or steamed food.Choose the soft setting, you can also reseal bags of rolls, bread, snacks that you only want to seal.


Strong Suction Power

The Gokilife vacuum sealer machine has a powerful suction power of 60 Kpa.

You can manually/automatically do vacuum sealing for different types of food.


Separated Detachable Design

Separated detachable design, you can take off the upper lid to clean the sealer machine easily & safely. Compact size and lightweight design are easy to store and move around.



Keep Food 7X Longer Fresh

Gokilife vacuum sealer sucks the air out and has heat sealer to seal the durable airtight bag that preserves the aroma, freshness, taste and shelf-life of cookies, fish, fruits, meat, vegetables or other food items for later consumption.


External Pumping Function

Gokilife vacuum sealer preserver can not only seal the bag to keep food fresh, but also suck out the air in the bottles and jars to prevent the wine cork from getting damp, which can solve the problem of remaining wine; the storage bag can protect clothing from moisture, etc.



Fridge and Freezer Space Saver

Easily identify different foods and safeguard your food with the clear vacuum seal bags.By vacuum sealing, you will also create extra space in your fridge.Say goodbye to cluttered and unorganized refrigerators and freezers.



Does it come with a cutter for the roll?


Yes,the vacuum sealer machine with 2 cutter,one is for replacement,it is very convenience.

By Andreal on January 5, 2021


where manufactured?


vacuum sealer machine is manufactured in china.

By lsjxus SELLER  on February 25, 2021


What is the pulse setting? How does it work?


Hello dear friend,

In order to have better vacuuming practicability, you can use this pulse setting button to control the length of the vacuuming time, how long the button is pressed, and how long time with the machine vacuums, and the degree of vacuum can be controlled arbitrarily. There is no signal light for this b… see more

By Gokilife US SELLER  on March 5, 2021


Whats the best bags and rolls to use with the vacuum sealer?


Gokilife bags and rolls,also suit any brand of bags will work as long as they aren’t too wide.

By Aaron Porter on January 5, 2021

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